If you wish to enroll your child in our school, you can download an application form or come and pick one in the administration and then return it completed. If you are far or you can not move, you can send the form by e-mail to both addresses listed below.

Our school is in theSouthern Hemisphere.The back to school has held early February. Enrollments usually beginin July and finish around mid October. After this time, we can’t guarantee a place in our institution.

The request has to be made as soon as possible before the date of the beginning of schooling. When the number of enrollment applications exceeds our capacity, we establish a waiting list. Priority criteria for the admission of a student are linked to the possession of French nationality, previous attendance at a French school, the date of application, the degree of mastery of the French language, membership in the European Union.

Enrolment forms :

Contact us :
Phone : 00(678) 22 926
Email : meriam.tom@lfportvila.edu.vu